Another great personalized camera strap example from Jessi at!



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Custom Camera Straps are back

HighKey is under new management, and Custom Camera Straps are now back online and better than ever.

Visit us at today to download the template to start creating your dream camera strap.

Happy Shooting!
- The HighKey team

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Back to making the best quality camera straps...

We've been offline for awhile, but are getting back to business... making the best quality camera straps that you've grown to love.

We’re only offering our stock camera straps right now due to problems with our custom strap vendors. Check back in the coming months though as we are working on a different process to speed up delivery of the custom straps.

All our stock straps are offered here:

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French photographer Sacha Goldberger & Super Mamik

I just found these beautiful photographs created by the French photographer, Sacha Goldberger. I am totally in love. The lighting and toning is delightfully winsome and captivating.  Meet Super Mamik... out to save the world.










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Photography Tip: Gradient Map for Better Color Photos

Hello fellow photography enthusiasts! We've decided that we're going to start offering pretty cool (and actually useful) photography tips for all of our awesome friends. Not sure how often we'll do this - perhaps once per week? 


Today's quick lesson is how to use the Gradient Map feature in Photoshop for a more vivid color photograph in two super easy steps.


We're going to use a photo I took last week of Air Force One taking off from Portland International Airport. It's such an amazing airplane, and you should've seen all the massive guys with even more massive guns roaming all over the place.


Here's our starting image:

The first step: in your 'Layers' panel, select 'Gradient Map'


That will turn your image black and white, but don't panic! Step two is to turn the Blending Mode from 'Normal' to 'Luminosity'



Voila! That's it! Here's the final image:


In two very easy steps, you've just turned a flat, not very interesting photograph into a well-saturated and eye popping photo worthy of something other than the trash can :)


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Dan Mountford — "in camera" genius

Photo find of the day! Dan Mountford is a british graphic designer and photographer. His work is made ‘in camera' with double exposures... no layers or photo manipulation (except for color toning). His work is simply fantastic!








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Welcome to our new website!

Thanks for dropping by our new website! Do you like it?? We sure do. Please feel free to browse our store, let us know what you think, and order your favorite camera straps! 


We have some exciting plans for HighKey throughout 2011, with this new website being one of the first. We're working on something super secret that we're hoping to have on here within just a few weeks. Check back often to see what it is!




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