Just in time for Christmas!

Some amazing strap designs going out just in time for Christmas! Use these as inspiration for your own designs.


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Great example of a custom strap by Anders E. Skanberg

Nice looking custom camera strap Anders and amazing photography on your site!
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Consider 'The Big Picture Project' this holiday season

As we approach this holiday giving season, please consider a worthy cause that you’re passionate about.

Here at HighKey, we like the ‘Big Picture Project’. These talented photographers travel the world to teach photography, and encourage others to tell their story thorough images. What a great way to raise awareness and educate the world through an art.

You can donate or sponsor a camera HERE.

This year, the Big Picture team visited a Maasai tribe in Kenya Africa. Below is a picture of the beautiful and talented Purity sporting a HighKey camera strap. You can see some of her incredible photography HERE

-The HighKey team


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Some awesome looking custom camera straps!!!

Some awesome looking custom camera straps shipping out today!

Keep them coming and don't forget the holidays are just around the corner.

Happy Shooting!

- The HighKey Team

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New - Interactive Online Custom Designer

New to HighKey Camera: we've just released an online, interactive design tool to help bring your unique camera strap to life.

Do you ever wish you could have your very own personalized camera strap? We're proud to announce that now you can (even if you don't know PhotoShop); with any design, picture, logo or literally anything else you'd like!

This new online tool allows you the freedom to design the look of your own strap 100% your way, and we'll create it on the same high-quality camera strap everyone's come to know and trust.

Check it out at on our Customize page and let us know what you think.

Happy Shooting


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Another HighKey camera strap sighting on a Maasai woman!

We have another sighting of a HighKey camera strap on a Maasai woman. It's so great to see the effect photography can have bringing a community together, and the impact that the Big Picture Project is having there.

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A recent sighting of HighKey on the Massai

We have a sighting of the Massai tribe donning a HighKey camera strap.  Looks like they’re having fun!

Massai wearing HighKey camera strap

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A recent batch of HighKey custom camera straps

A recent batch of custom camera straps. The creativity with these is amazing, and it's a great way to promote your website or business. Keep them coming!

- The HighKey team


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High Key partners with 'The Big Picture Project' non-profit

This Holiday Season, we’ve partnered with a non-profit organization called “The Big Picture Project” to provide custom camera straps to a Maasai community in Kenya Africa.

The Big Picture Project Custom Camera Strap

The Maasai people are a beautiful culture sought out by travelers for their dress and customs. “The Big Picture Project’s” goal is teaching photography to individuals in impoverished countries, like the Maasai, and giving them the opportunity to share their story.

This current project is building a School in Kenya for the Maasai community.  The Big Picture Project is a registered 501c3 non-profit, and all donations are tax deductible.  Please consider visiting their website and making a donation if you’re able this holiday season.

We’ll update with more pictures as they become available on the progress of the school.

Happy Holidays!
The HighKey Team

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Another great personalized camera strap example from Jessi at!



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